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Dancing Plover
Contact: Martyn Botfield
City: Acton-Boxborough, MA, 01720
Phone: 978-760-1605
About Us
Martyn decided to pursue farming after he fell in love with his community garden in Concord. He found that, in company board meetings, his mind would drift not to the task at hand, but to his garden plot. And so, Martyn took a leap of faith: he gave his company a one-year notice and began farming on his first plot in Dracut, Massachusetts. Now, Martyn has 17 acres of land in Boxborough, which he has managed with dear friend and colleague, Ted Fox, up until Ted’s recent retirement.

One of Martyn’s goals is to create land that is hospitable for the next generation. He says, “I recognize that young people today who want
to go into farming have a distinct challenge with finding the land and capital that’s required. I want to create a farm where someone can come in, take over, and get started without those headaches.”