Nettle Nook Farm
Contact: Wendy and John Shairs
Address: 13 Prince Street Danvers, MA, 01923
Phone: 978-578-2708
About Us
We are Nettlenook Farm, a small family herbal business on Massachusetts North Shore. Due to a significant injury, we were unable to farm at New Entry Sustainable Farming Project at the Moraine Farm in Beverly, MA this year as we have the past two years, so we made use of the small area we have on our property in Danvers Ma to maximize our Herb Growing abilities. We provide many medicinal herbs as well as culinary and grow some specialty items like gooseberries, currants, cranberries, hardy kiwis and persimmons. We have many medicinals and culinary herbs and are looking to expand our business with this direction. Here at Nettlenook we are a no till operation, using all organic practices. We make 3 different tinctures, 4 salves and a host of teas, plus sell small amounts of the herbs for local herbalists to work with. We sell on Square and at the local craft shop Holten Street Creative Spaces in Danvers near McKinnon's Market. We also do basic herbal classes and the occasional farm tour.
John, Wendy and Crissie ( our right hand farm person ) are working hard to provide amazing herbs to our friends and customers. We take pride in what we do and how we do it.
Nettlenook farm was created by John and Wendy Shairs in 2021 as an effort to aid in the restoration of land and community.