Ramblin Roots Market Garden
Contact: Graham Ball & Donna Diamond
Address: 78 Larch Row Wenham, MA, 01984
Phone: 517-402-1086
About Us
Graham and Donna started the market garden with the intention of taking on a project that engaged their interests in small-scale, local agriculture and finding a way to live a little more closely with the earth. Graham Ball had always been interested in farming, but with a full-time job, he found it difficult to make the commitment. When everything went remote during the pandemic, he was finally able to take New Entry classes. He began volunteering at Moraine Farm in the summer of 2020, and so began Ramblin’ Roots Farm, which he and Donna Diamond manage together. Through his farming endeavors, Graham has learned how to manage his own aspirations. “It’s easy to get excited about a project”, he said.

“Have ambitions, scale up, but make sure to take things one step at a time. We are fortunate to be growing in an area that has bountiful resources, both on land and in the sea. We hope our hard work helps you to make the most of them in your kitchen and on your table."