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Saturn's Garden LLC
Contact: John "Luke" Hanabergh
Address: The Farm at Eastman's Corner 267 South Road Kensington, NH, 03833
Phone: 917-232-4943
About Us
When Luke began his farm, Saturn’s Garden (Saturn being the Roman God of agriculture), he had no idea the extent to which it would take off. The business began, in fact, as part of one of his college class assignments at Bentley College, where he studied management and entrepreneurship. For the class, students were tasked with creating a business. Luke picked a farm because he had had some experience with farming. Growing up in New York, he attended farming camps and programs, and eventually, he even worked on a farm near his hometown before college. “I kind of just did it for the class,” Luke said, “but then it morphed into finding out about New Entry, and here I am!” Seeing the product reach the end user has given Luke a more complete understanding of how farmers impact people's lives. It has given him the energy to make sure he does everything to keep better records, monitor quality, and make sure all customers are safe and satisfied. Proudly, Saturn’s Garden grows certified organic produce for the local community, their CSA network, the Beverly Farmer’s Market, and their own friends and family.

In 2022, Luke completed his third and final year of the incubator plot program with New Entry. He is grateful for his CSA customers – “seriously thank you for being a part of the CSA and taking the time to support New Entry. If you don’t hear that from us, the farmers, then you won’t know how much we really mean it, so thank you, thank you, thank you!”

The produce is marketed online via social media, at the Beverly Farmer's Marker, and from word of mouth. Saturn's Garden believes social media is extremely helpful to reach new customers, and allows them to chat about their various vegetables with people, as they always enjoy doing. To follow and get involved, join Saturn's Garden on their social media accounts below.