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Anything Grows, CERT ORGANIC
Address: 32 Crystal Cove Ave #2 Winthrop, MA, 02152-2552
Phone: 617-913-0268
About Us
Rijk studied horticulture at UMASS Amherst with a focus in fruit and vegetable production and later mycology in graduate school at UW LaCrosse. He has been passionate about growing the highest quality foods for people who care about it. Working through the years in various avenues of horticulture, from nursery work to public gardening, Rijk has gained vast knowledge and experience to grow an eclectic selection of ornamental, annual and perennial plants.
We purchased this farm in February of 2021. The previous owners had been managing it organically for the past 24 years. We continue to raise all of our vegetables, herbs, livestock and plants organically and will continue to do so throughout our time here. We have just over 1 acre in production and we manage our farm in a no-till fashion where all the work is done with hand tools and no tractors are used.