Hungry Heart Farm
Contact: Terry O'Brien
Address: 116 Exeter Road Kingston, NH, 03848
Email Address:
Phone: 732-757-5793
About Us
Ever since Terry pulled his first carrots out of the ground Terry O’Brien has been hooked on farming. So much so that in addition to working full-time on another farm, he decided to open Hungry Heart Farm in 2018. Hungry Heart farm specializes in providing sweet and spicy peppers to restaurants and other wholesalers, providing their unique flavor to restaurants and other local institutions. Starting this farm awoke Terry to some of the realities that many farmers face today, many of which are issues that New Entry attempts to ameliorate for beginner farmers. “It’s a lot of capital,” he says. “A lot of money. Access to land. It’s impossible to find affordable farmland on the seacoast; it's being turned into houses every day. And then when you have to move inland you’re further away from the markets."

Despite these challenges, Terry finds joy in the everyday life of a farmer. “I’m just so proud of these,” Terry said, holding a bundle of freshly-picked carrots. Even after all these years, he says that he still gets the same high from pulling carrots that he did when he first started.”