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Margaret Gichuki
Address: 1 Smith Farm Way Dracut, ,
Phone: 978-729-0348
About Us
After graduating from the New Entry Farm Business Planning Course in March 2016, Margaret began her own plot on Smith Farm in Dracut, MA. She is originally from Kenya, where she grew up farming. As a child, Margaret and her mother lived in the countryside outside of Nairobi while her father lived in the city. There, they tended to the family farm, which was full of cows, chickens, and vegetables – “we had everything,” Margaret says.

She first heard about New Entry through a colleague and long-time New Entry farmer whom you may be familiar with, Seona Ban Ngufor! While working together on an off-farm job, Margaret expressed to Seona how much she missed farming, and Seona promptly encouraged her to try New Entry. Now, Margaret’s farm is going strong. Her family members and friends frequently visit her to help water, harvest, and encourage her. She likes to give her grandchild the opportunity to develop relationships with the outdoors on her farm –“Inside, they are locked in the house. Out here, they are free.”