Contact: Marc Cavatorta
Address: 167A Turner Mill Pond Road Palermo, ME, 04354
About Us
Marc Cavatorta’s interest in farming stems from his fascination with the intersection between environmental and social sustainability, food health, and sustainable living. Before starting Foxfire Farm, he had worked on farms for about a decade and occupied a management role before buying his own land in the spring of 2021. Now, Foxfire Farm is 13.5 acres, with approximately 3-4 acres under cultivation between vegetable and cover crops.

Even though he was familiar with many intricacies of farming from working on other farms – crop planning, walk-in-coolers, tractors – starting his own farm was still a challenge. Marc says, “learning those skills and developing those connections takes time. It’s a trial and error thing.” Despite these challenges, Marc feels that it continues to be rewarding. “It’s challenging, and it’s difficult, and sometimes you’ll wonder why you didn’t get a desk job with a salary and air-conditioner, but I love it.”