Crown & Roots Farm
Contact: Nick Rozowsky
City: Beverly, MA, 01915
Email Address:
Phone: 508-864-5449
About Us
We are a small indepedently owned farm located in Beverly, Massachusetts. We grow a diverse range of vegetables, herbs and cut flowers sustainably on a 1/4 acre of land. Our produce is clean from harmful pesticides and chemicals ripening naturally for the best taste. Our passion is helping to shape food culture in Massachusetts by bringing chefs who adhere to our belief of honest food closer to the source. This season we are offering YOU the same fresh produce we offer to some of the best farm-to-table restaurants for your own home kitchen! Together, we believe a thriving local food system is a staple of a thriving community. Thank you for your support :)
Crown & Roots Farm is dedicated to growing fresh produce for optimum taste. Our crops are carefully harvested at the ideal time to produce the ideal taste and quality. Growing for taste, in turn, means growing for better soil creating a sustainable farming system. We believe in practicing regenerative farming with no use of harmful chemicals in our fields and greenhouse ever.

We do what we do to help shape food culture in Massachusetts. Our hope as a small farm is that the fresh delicious farm-to-table dishes in restaurants can inspire customers to start purchasing directly from farms and farmers markets for their own meals at home. Food culture starts with restaurants and chefs and end up trickling down into our home kitchens.