Whipple Bee Flower Farm
Address: 733 Cabot Street Beverly, MA, 01915
About Us
Fostering a local connection to flowers while celebrating kindness in our communities. Our specialty tulips and sunflowers are grown at Moraine Farm in Beverly, Mass through the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project.
Hi, I’m Carolyn and Whipple Bee Flower Farm has been my passion project since 2021. Its seeds, however, were planted much longer ago than that, and its roots grow deep. Whipple Bee Flower Farm and its mission is an ode to my mom and dad, whose approach to life includes a love for nature and the outdoors, treating people with kindness, and supporting the community.
My dad, Curt, was a hobby beekeeper who produced some of the most delicious honey I’ve ever tasted. During my visits home to Pennsylvania, we often talked about going into business together. He would sell honey and I’d help support his venture from afar. How fun would that be?!
I helped him create labels for jars and Whipple Bee Honey was born. I had always envisioned being mentored by him and eventually having my own beekeeping endeavor.
My dad retired and shortly after passed away from cancer at the young age of 65. He would be 77 today. Whipple Bee Flower Farm is a tribute to him, the love he instilled in me for nature, the outdoors and gardening.
Whipple Bee Flower Farm’s Bloom Kindness Program embodies the generous spirit of my mom, Elaine. Each and every day, she sends a ripple of kindness into the world. Her simple gestures of kindness made me realize how impactful a thank you can be, so I integrated this practice into my business because kindness blooms kindness.
My farming interests are grounded in a love and appreciation for what nature and outdoor experiences have given back to me: challenges, personal growth, friendships, community, and respite. Nature and farming inspire me. It’s personal and that’s why I love it.