Sorn Un
City: Dracut, MA, 01850
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About Us
Sorn Un is a graduate from the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project. Like many of the farmer graduates of the New Entry Program, Sorn immigrated from Cambodia, along with his wife Chantu Cham, their daughter, and roughly a dozen other family members and friends. Sorn was a farmer in the Batambang region of Cambodia, growing an array of mixed vegetables similar to that which he currently grows in MA, including amaranth, mustard greens, water spinach, Chinese broccoli, bok choy, and Asian cabbage. When Sorn first moved to the states, he arrived in Amherst MA, where he stayed for three years, before moving to Providence RI, and eventually settling in Lowell. He now farms on land matched through New Entry in Boxton, MA.