Food System Supporter
Food System Supporter
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New Entry Food Hub helps to strengthen local communities and increase access to fresh food by partnering with senior centers, homeless shelters, childcare facilities, food banks & pantries, and other organizations serving low-income community members.

The food access program is not possible without financial support to close the gap between what consumers can afford and what farmers need to cover costs of production and earn a living wage.

By becoming a supporter of New Entry's CSA program, you also support our organization's mission to provide healthy food to underserved people. The Greater Boston region has many areas that have been disinvested in and have limited healthy food options. We recognize the potential for these communities to thrive and view our work as supporting their futures. We believe striving towards equity is a personal responsibility of our organization, and hope that you will join us in this effort.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible!
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